[NEWS] Cake Decorating Classes Coming Soon!

Hello friends!

I’m so excited to announce that starting in January, I’ll be teaching a 5-week series of cake decorating class! My first class will be called, “Buttercream Artistry”, and will feature a variety of techniques, recipes, tips and tricks. I’m looking forward to teaching, inspiring, and being inspired!

If you’re interested in learning about the class, and/or signing up (starting 12/14), please see the Culver City Adult School Website for more information!

I’ll post the materials list in a future post, for those who may be interested in purchasing items on their own.

Can’t wait to decorate with you!


I’m Back!

Hello Internet!

After a [not-so-]brief hiatus, I’m thrilled to say I’m back! This blog will be updated regularly and will include recipes as well as personal tidbits going forward. I’m looking forward to the fall and to the winter baking “seasons” and will gladly be sharing my adventures with you! Thanks, and stay tuned! 🙂

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[Sunday Funday]: Waffles for Breakfast



One of my favorite things as a kid was to have pancakes or waffles on Saturday mornings. It was always a late morning treat that made me love the weekends. Something that I’ve always loved about summertime is that it always felt like one lonnnnnng weekend. So, to celebrate, we had some delicious homemade waffles this week for a “just because” breakfast.

I’ve long been a follower of Aunt Jemima. Partly due to the ease of use, and partly because it never occurred to me to make pancake or waffle batter from scratch. As a kid, instant mixes were scratch in my mind. However, I’ve visited a few family members in the past couple years whom have made them from scratch and they are always so good! So, to try and spice up our summer-loving’ lives a bit, I went on a search for a simple, but special homemade waffle recipe. And boy did I find one!

download (5)




I’ll warn you, this recipe is harder than an instant mix. It take 2 bowls a large glass measuring cup, and an electric mixer. But it is so worth it. We have crispy, light, vanilla-y waffles that were absolutely perfect. I can’t recommend them enough!

For the recipe, hop on over to The Pioneer Woman’s Blog!

Sunday Funday 2



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[Strawberry Saturday]: Fondant Strawberries

Hello, and Welcome to another Strawberry Saturday! I hope this weekend is looking to be a good one, and I’m thrilled you’re including reading this post in your activities! Today’s post is a simple, but sweet tutorial on a fun fondant garnish you can use on any of your summertime creations! These would look great on cupcakes, around a cake, or on most other desserts! Especially if they are strawberry themed!

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For the decorations, you’ll need:

First, start by dying your fondant red and green. You’ll want about a marble sized piece of red and pea sized piece of green for each strawberry.


Now, you’ll roll your red piece into a ball, and then elongate it slightly, so it’s almost a cone. You’ll want the top edge flat and the bottom a rounded point. For the green, roll into a small ball and then flatten with the tip of your finger.

Take your knife and remove small triangles all around the green disc. Press the remaining “leaves” into small points at the tips. Attach this to your strawberry.

Take the pointer tool from the fondant tools set (or using a toothpick) make small impressions all around the strawberry. Take care not to smash the strawberry while holding/turning it.

download (3)

When done, you can add more leaves, a stem, a vine, or anything else you’d like to make your strawberry more realistic! Add many or just a single one to create the look you’re going for.





What did you think of this tutorial? Could you make this? Who would you make it for? Tell me in the comments below! As always, thanks for stopping by! I hope you have a very sweet Saturday!

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[Product Review]: Wilton Decorator Preferred Fondant

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download (4)

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download (28)

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